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Please Help Me Keep All the Stories Straight...


Trying to reconcile all the versions of why Carter had to die:

Taraji: I signed on knowing my character would die. I did not control when it happened. I prefer doing movies. I have moved on. I’m fine…

Nina Tassler: Nolan felt the cast was too harmonious. Wanted to bring in a Catwoman


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Person of Interest -Beta- CBS promo

OH MY GOD! Finch means bidness!

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"STILL Missing my Joss"

Taraji looking into the mirror…during Joss had been Johns mirror…

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Just caught up to the end of the “HR” arc on Person of Interest, and I want it known that I will never, NEVER be okay with losing Carter.

Join the club.

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New Video :)

The previews of badass Lizzie got me all excited, so I wanted to make a video that showcased all the females of The Blacklist (minus Floriana Camo, b/c she wasn’t willing to get her hands dirty… so she’s wasn’t badass imo… just evil).

Can’t wait til tomorrow!!!


this is awesome eaglechica!

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"You changed my mind, Joss.
You changed me."