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Can I get a moment of silence for all the black characters killed off in service of the plot on Person of Interest?

(ETA: A previous version of this photoset included Alonzo Quinn; livenudebigfoot pointed out that he wasn’t actually killed in “The Devil’s Share,” so he’s been removed.)

I sure will bring up the white characters who died. Not including the one episode irrelevant numbers, in which the white character’s are killed FAR more often, and are usually the villains more often than the non-white characters.









Mark Snow

Denton Weeks



Gianni Morretti

Wayne Kruger,

I could go on but I don’t feel like looking up more.

[note from Rose: I deleted most of the pictures in this reply because the post was getting unwieldy in its length]

So what was that number in your tags again? Three? Yeah, no. Go away.

Okey dokey, here’s the list of White characters who have appeared in multiple episodes who are dead:

Simmons, Hersch, Terney, Special Counsel, Donnelly, Nathan Ingram, Mark Snow, Kara Stanton, Alicia Corwin, Jessica Arndt, Lasky, Szymanski, Moretti, Denton Weeks, Lynch, Finch’s father (I assume?), Brian Kelly, Stills, Peter Arndt, Judge Monahan, and Pete Matheson.

That’s 21 characters. A lot of dead White people, I will grant you.

But here are the White characters who have appeared in multiple episodes who are still alive:

Finch, Reese, Fusco, Root, Elias, Greer, Scarface, Zoe Morgan, Grace Hendricks, Control, Detective Kane, Senator Garrison, Yogorov, Captain Womack, Brian Moss, Wayne Packer, Lee Fusco, Charles MacAvoy, Will Ingram, Arthur Claypool, Daniel Casey, Byron, Jason Greenfield, Dr. Carmichael, Lambert, Warden Hutchins, Azarello, Grifoni, and Valentino.

That’s 31 characters. Which is quite a few more alive White people than dead White people.

And as I had in my original post and tags, there are five dead recurring Black characters (Carter, Collier, Beecher, Evans, Davidson) and only four alive recurring Black characters (Quinn, Carter’s son, Carter’s ex, Olson).

And of course, that doesn’t address some rather important other issues informing my sadness for the killing off of Peter Collier, a Black character who had been given some narrative weight. Have that context as well:

According to the 2010 census, New York City is:

  • 33.3% Non-Hispanic White
  • 25.5% Black
  • 12.7% Asian
  • 17.7% mixed
  • 28.8% Hispanic/Latino (any race)

Yet there are 52 White recurring characters (actually a few more than that, but I couldn’t determine living/dead status on those so they aren’t in either list) and only 9 Black recurring characters. Over half of whom are dead. Plus two living Asian recurring characters (Leon Tao and Virgil), one dead Hispanic/Latino recurring character (Manuel Rivera), and one living Iranian character (Sam Shaw) who I believe is classified as White according to the census but who culturally I think counts as a character of color because of America’s anti-Islamic prejudice, which tends to affect anyone of Middle Eastern descent (and often people from South and Southeast Asia as well).

Given all that, I will damn well grieve for my dead Black characters, and do it as publicly as I please. They deserve to be remembered.

Yes, thank you.  I’ve done number counts for Person of Interest before (for the women characters), and then looked up those stats you quoted about New York City’s demographics, and was really struck by the lack of people of color in general on the show in comparison with the city—particularly the lack of black characters on PoI who weren’t dead or evil or both.

You broke that shit down like a PRO. Second poster tried it, but FAILED. 

Where are the LIES?????

Lies, where art thou

Game, blouses….

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Promo for S4 POI?

I guess I was supposed to be excited about this but all I can muster is a great big old YAWN.

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"Yeah, we kinda have been just playing it straight." -Nicole Beharie

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This is what happens when a smoker quits. Pass it on.

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Types of Matter

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Animals Growing Up

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"Jim’s chemistry with Taraji has forced that relationsh between Reese and Carter into such an interesting place."
[Greg Plageman]
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JC + Kisses
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translation: “i am a giant pissbaby who wants to ruin everyones fun and ignore the fact that people dumping ice on their heads has raised more than 13 million dollars in two weeks. can’t have fun AND donate to a good cause. nope. pick one.”